Colchester town to be reformed

Amid shop and restaurant chain closures and the seemingly inevitable death of the high street, Colchester town aims to regenerate Britain’s oldest town with its latest series of reform plans. Across the nation, nearly 650 shops and restaurants have closed since 2018, including mega toy business Toys R Us after its shocking closure on the... Continue Reading →


Fibromyalgia: a story of chronic pain

When you research Fibromyalgia, the most common articles that will appear are on pain relief; avoiding certain foods, exercises, or even wearable devices – giving anyone an insight into what Fibromyalgia involves. It’s a condition of chronic pain, sensitivity to pain and fatigue. There is no cure, only treatment to help relieve the symptoms. Janine... Continue Reading →

Strikers fight for pension rights

ANGRY Essex University Academics have taken to picketing outside the university entrances to fight for their pension rights. The first day of a month-long pension strike by members of the University and College Union (UCU) began on the 22nd of February, which sees pickets placed outside university entrances, encouraging others to join in the protest.... Continue Reading →

What would you change about Colchester?

I went around Colchester town and asked people one question; "if there was one thing you could change about Colchester, what would it be?". Here's what they had to say. David Russell, 68, Colchester, retired “I like the town but I’ve always had a problem with the roads. I don’t think they’re managed very well, in... Continue Reading →

Colchester to turn green in tree giveaway comeback

A much-loved annual tree giveaway is expected to return on Saturday. Trees for Years provides over 2,000 free trees and fruit bushes to Colchester residents, community groups, schools and town or parish councils. It supports the Colchester Borough Council's aim of creating a green, healthy borough for people to live, work and play in. The giveaway will start at... Continue Reading →

Faulty water dampens student life

  Water is one of humanities' basic survival needs and would be considered a necessity to a healthy student life. However, a series of problems with a new water tank has left students in three campus houses without access to water. For the past few weeks, the residents of houses 4-6 in Harwich Court have... Continue Reading →

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